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Super ace track this. Also used in Kill Bill Volume 2.

This weekend I will be flying United to San Francisco. Here’s how the same airline and location looked in 1941. Fab film.

What if the earth was hollow? Silly and informative.

Nostalgia-fest. “1983 is promising to be an electronics cornucopia” :)

Beautiful time-lapse video of the surface of the earth from the International Space Station. Stunning.

That Jeremy Hunt really is a bit of a plonker.

Of course, even if Hunt seriously injured the poor spectator he still wouldn’t resign ;)

Brassneck of the Year award coming up.

Finally got to try out a helmetcam on a recent mountain biking trip to the UK’s glorious New Forest.

As the subtitles show, it wasn’t entirely successful at the first attempt!

Anyway, 3x original speed circuit of the “Through The Forest” MTB trail in Moors Valley Country Park.

One of the best things you will see this week… Seriously.

NB: Hat-tip - TNW.

Even Tory politicians are up in arms over apparently not knowing about the UK government’s plan to delay a petrol price increase.

Here is some priceless footage from BBC Newsnight last night when presenter Jeremy Paxman took junior minister Chloe Smith to task over the announcement.

The whole situation bears a striking resemblance to a classic West Wing scene when deputy chief of staff Josh Lyman was allowed to run a press briefing, rather than the usual, mostly unflappable CJ.

Here is press briefing and the follow-up with president Bartlett (sorry, can’t embed).


NB: H/T @mattrhodes for coming up with the connection.

Best put-down of all time, courtesy of President Bartlet in a classic episode of the West Wing.

"You may be mistaking this for your monthly meeting of the ignorant tight ass club… in this building, when the president stands, nobody sits."