"Happy" meets "It’s a Wonderful Life" - the PERFECT mashup :)

Rather than recording everything live in one go and making a few edits for volume, etc, post-mixing, tried a different approach this time…

It was pulled together over the course of five months, with various tracks recorded, mixed and then edited in various airport departure lounges - perhaps just 15 minutes or so at a time - pretty easy with Ableton on the laptop, an external hard-drive and a mouse.

The final tweaks were made back at the ranch.

Not sure if the final result is much different to the casual listener, but compared to many of the earlier efforts the mixing is much tighter and better placed.

Recorded, edited and re-mixed between October 2013 and February 2014 at the following airports: London Heathrow, London Stansted, Singapore Changi, Miami, Madrid and Nice.

Track listing:

  • Jacob Phono & Jens Bond - Lick Your Brains
  • Jacob Phono & Jens Bond - I Stay
  • Paul C & Paolo Martini - Red Swan
  • Oscar Barila & Sergio Parrado - Redemption
  • Ross Evana - No Disco
  • Kastis Torrau - Monster
  • Hot Since 82 & Joe T Vannelli - The End (featuring Csilla)
  • Fundamental - Right Here (Hot Since 82 Remix)
  • Loko - New Direction
  • Agoria - Scala
  • Paul Strive - No Satisfaction
  • Way Out West - Killa (Guy J Remix)
  • Mikalogic - Cheesemaker

Here is the link on SoundCloud. YouTube version below:

NB: Airport waiting pic via Shutterstock.

VERY TRUE! A conference call all in real life… 

Up and atom…

New mix!

Mixed and edited using Ableton Live 8 on a laptop PC. Recorded live on Tuesday 31 December 2013.

  • Tiga & Audion - Let’s Go Dancing
  • Nuno Dos Santos - Mon Toy (Gregor Tresher Remix)
  • Alexkid - Mousseur Dub
  • Paul C & Paolo Martini - Red Swan
  • Hot Since 82 & Joe T Vannelli - The End (featuring Csilla)
  • NiCe7 - Do It
  • Rene Amesz & Ruell - Hope (Original Club Mix)
  • Kastis Torrau - Monster
  • Harvey McKay - Push It
  • Stefano Noferini - Buhstyle
  • Mikalogic - Out of Gas (Original Mix)
  • Blake Jarrell - Galapagos (B O N G Remix)
  • Loko - New Direction
  • Danny Cullen - Yahto (Original Mix)
  • Jesper Dahlback - Nyhus Pt.1
  • Dave Angel - Harlequin
  • Mr G - Get On Down
  • Jaymo & Andy George - Henry’s Treat

Beat away the blue Monday blues with Blue Monday. Or something :)

It’s TEACH, you idiots. Or this is all wonderfully ironic. Fearing not from VentureBeat.

Wrong vision, surely? :)

Well, wow - MP and ex-minister Tessa Jowell had a daughter (Jess) who it turns out did the vocal on this stunning track.